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Subir Nokrek
Happy Moment at my Nokrek IT Workplace. Technology is Future. We must know the benefits and proper use of updated technology. I've been working in IT Industry for more than 15 years with adequate knowledge on Graphics, Web and Digital Marketing Technology. Let's know about 5 Important benefits of Technology:Creates a More Engaged Environment. You may think technology is just a distraction, but it can help encourage active participation in your classroom. ... Incorporates Different Learning Styles. ... Improves Collaboration. ... Prepares Children for the Future. ... Connects You With Your Students.

Be Focused and Digitally Skilled

Digital technologies have advanced more rapidly than any innovation in our history. Technologies can help make our world fairer, more peaceful, and more just. Digital advances can support and accelerate achievement of each of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals – from ending extreme poverty to reducing maternal and infant mortality, promoting sustainable farming and decent work, and achieving universal literacy. But technologies can also threaten privacy, erode security and fuel inequality. They have implications for human rights and human agency. Like generations before, we – governments, businesses and individuals – have a choice to make in how we harness and manage new technologies.

My Professional Zone and Let's get acquainted

Subir Nokrek
Subir X' Nokrek

Hello, it’s Subir Xavier Nokrek. I’m a simple person. Believes in hard work rather believing any magical power. Every responsibility undertaken by me is obvious to accomplish perfectly. Responsibility is a holy duty to me. Highly Experienced Graphic Designer, Digital Marketer and Web Developer with a demonstrated history of working in the ICT Industry. Skilled in Photography, Graphic Design, Web Design, Research, Microsoft Office, Excel, PowerPoint, and Social Media. Strong information technology professional with a Master of Business Administration. Dedicated to Professional Services and ultimate goal to provide high quality services which obviously satisfies a client. Professionalism flows in blood. Once committed to do a thing and when your believe centered in me great things await to happen for you.

I firmly believe and have a full confidence that my professionalism and adequate knowledge on Photography, Graphics Design and Web Development can definitely create esteem value for your company growth or expansion.

Once you’ve chosen me, rest is my responsibility to accomplish which is undertaken by me. I’ve supreme capability to accomplish any task with patience.

Have a Great Day and Thank you for your time. 

How to Get rid of your Loss During Pandemic?

Tips and Strategies: Freelancing during the COVID-19 Pandemic Situation. 

What is Freelancing?

Freelance (sometimes spelled free-lance or free lance), freelancer, or freelance worker, are terms commonly used for a person who is self-employed and not necessarily committed to a particular employer long-term. Freelance workers are sometimes represented by a company or a temporary agency that resells freelance labor to clients; others work independently or use professional associations or websites to get work. For Freelancing Tips and Tricks follow Nokrek IT Institute on Facebook

Nokrek IT Institute
Nokrek IT Institute Dhaka Campus

My Digital Skillful Amazing Team Members

Rumo Catherine

Rumo Catherine

Web and Digital Marketer

Rumo Catherine is a fully Professional and skilled Web Designer as well a digital Marketer. She is very good at these two sectors and she knows very well about her work.

Himaloy Nokrek

Graphics & Digital Marketer

Mr. Himaloy is a Multi Talented Person. He is expert in Graphics, Digital Marketing and Video Editing. He has completed a lot of projects individually and with team. All rounder Himaloy.

Tanushree Sarker

Tanushree Sarker

Graphics Expert

If there’s someone who can explain anything, Tanushree is the one. She teaches you not just how to do something, but why to do it this way and not the other. She is great in design.

Subir Nokrek

It's time to acquire Digital Skill

There’s a saying going around these days: The future of work is now — put into overdrive by the pandemic that suddenly transformed millions into virtual workers. But the coronavirus has also accelerated a major shift to freelancing that’s severing ties between companies and employees. 

Online CLass Worldwide on Freelancing. Join Us.

In addition to our online classroom, we also offer an option to take part in a live classroom. It takes place in our vast campus located in Westfield, London. Here you’ll be able to use the most up-to-date facilities and computer equipment.

I have been Mentoring On Professional skill Worldwide.

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Frequently asked questions

Freelance (sometimes spelled free-lance or free lance),  freelancer, or freelance worker, are terms commonly used for a person who is self-employed and not necessarily committed to a particular employer long-term. Freelance workers are sometimes represented by a company or a temporary agency that resells freelance labor to clients; others work independently or use professional associations or websites to get work.

Graphic design is the process of visual communication and problem-solving through the use of typography, photography, iconography and illustration.

Web design encompasses many different skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites. The different areas of web design include web graphic design; interface design; authoring, including standardised code and proprietary software;

Digital marketing is the component of marketing that utilizes internet and online based digital technologies such as desktop computers, mobile phones and other digital media and platforms to promote products and services.

For more details, Please contact me at 01304928990

My clients say

"Mr. Xavier is Absolutely amazing in his work and responsibility. We hired him for Social Media Marketing service in our Agency. Our Company is growing profit more than ever. Thank you Xavier"
Rosaliya Ema
"Subir was a pleasure to work with. Experienced in what he offers and very helpful to the folks who aren’t knowledgeable. I have already started preparing for another gig with Subir. 5 STARS !!"
Rachel Limba
"Xavier was very easy to work with. Checked up on things frequently and did a great job of getting out what I wanted on the website. I would definitely recommend Xavier in the future!"
Augustus quintus
"Great communications, high quality work delivered on time. Will continue to work with Seller and would highly recommend to anyone else. He is our go to go guy from now on. Thanks"
Stephan dilly

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Join with me or with our team to get amazing services. You can hire us for any design, digital Marketing o Web Development task. Also if you are beginner in this sector, you can undoubtedly learn from us.

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